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Why Do Men Pull Away – 5 Possible Reasons Why Guys Pull Away

why men pull awayOk let’s face it, men and women think differently. In most cases that is absolutely fine, and even great, as then men and women may be able to express each other’s views on things, and work themselves towards conclusions satisfying for both of them.

But when it comes to romantic relationships between men and women, it is a completely different story.

Why On Earth Do So Many Men Pull Away?

Why men pull away once the relationship starts to heat up is one of those questions that have been puzzling women like ourselves for years. Why is it that you can be enjoying the beginnings of a great relationship with a man only to feel him becoming more and more distant?

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But there is something you need to understand. When your relationship is rather new, there are things you might do that may cause him to feel you’re pushing him towards something he’s not ready for yet, and that is one reason why he might pull away from you. Hint – the fact that men and women don’t think alike.

Let’s Go Through 5 Possible Reasons Why Men Pull Away

  • Are you guilty of calling him a bit too often? That might make him feel irritated, and think by himself, why doesn’t she give me a break? It’s not like we’ve been married for ages, is it? It’s Friday night, and I’m on my way out with the guys and grab a couple of beers tonight, like we’ve been doing for years …
  • Have you been talking about your desire to get married and start a family a bit too soon? Maybe he hasn’t even considered in what way your relationship is heading. He may be attracted to you, even enjoy your sex life, but … hold on a second. He may think, I’m not ready yet to get settled and take on the responsibilities of being a husband and father yet!
  • Have you told him things that should be very private to you – at least in the beginning, such as some female problems you have had to deal with, the sex or relationship with your ex boyfriend, or anything that he may find way too personal to know anything about yet?
  • Do you cling too much to him? If you are very needy, he may feel that you are suffocating him, and he sees no other way than to get the hell out of the relationship.
  • Did you already tell him that you are crazy about him and you have fallen in love with him? If there is anything that may cause a guy to pull away from you in the early stage of a relationship, this is it!

Here above are only mentioned a few of the reasons why men pull away. I’m sure you can see yourself in some of the examples here, but without doubt, there are many more reasons.

You see, he may be really attracted to you and want to develop your relationship further, but if he feels pressure from you, he pulls away, and may not realize himself why, and you wonder what on earth has happened to the two of you.

So you may be thinking, what is wrong with me, why do all the guys pull away and hesitate to commit? However, you can relax now, because none of this is your fault! Men are just simple and basic creatures, lol.

But as mentioned here above, the genders think differently. In simple terms, you can see your relationship as a traffic light he confronts. When he sees the red light, his gut feeling says, stay away. When he sees the yellow light, his gut feeling says, I should be cautious, this is not going where I expected. But when he sees the green light, his gut feeling tells him to develop the relationship, and even ask you to marry him.

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why men pull away

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